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Hi Tumblr Rumblers !! Im lisa Wilkins and im an inspiring model . Now located in the heart of Seattle. Looking to network and to inspire everyone else ! As well as showing the WORLD ! That i'm NEXT !!! From the TX/AZ/WI/WA ! The sky isn't the limit for me !! DO WORK !

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“Hoodies and Hijabs: Uncovering Injustice”Wake Forest and Salem Students, organized by Muslim peers, came together to show solidarity with Trayvon Martin and Shaima Al Awadhi. Students are calling on our community leaders to condemn hate crimes and make sure our community is a safe place for everyone.

Please re-post this picture to raise awareness about these atrocities! Let’s encourage other Universities & schools to create photographs such as this one!

*This is not meant to compare both tragedies, but to recognize them both for injustice and discrimination being carried out.

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